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Cranial Sacral Therapy Jana has the magic touch. CST has reduced my migraines and makes me feel so relaxed immediately afterward.
Shelley L
From hopeless to HOPEFUL As someone who's suffered from severe chronic neck pain for many years, I was feeling desperate and hopeless after trying so many natural, alternative, and medical treatments available. Upon a friend's recommendation, I tried craniosacral therapy with Janna. I was blown away by the results. Janna's presence and techniques are more healing than anything I've tried thus far. I feel so grateful, blessed, and hopeful. This experience has been life changing and life giving!!
Skeptic becomes BELIEVER I made an appointment based upon my friends’ recommendation of what she experienced going to one in California. I’m always up for trying something new. I immediately made a 2nd appointment and then the 6 appointment series. I had back injury that made it difficult to lay flat on my back and I also would have to wait for my spine to adjust to sitting position before I could stand. Neither of these are an issue any longer!!!
Amazing Healing Experience Jana is an amazing healer! I had been suffering from a TBI for several years and the damage sustained from what a neurologist said was a ‘minor’ concussion. My entire being had been misaligned from the trauma and I was holding onto negative energy and pain. Jana’s impressive intuition and touch has assisted my body with resetting my cranial bones, helped my body process and get rid of the trauma, and got my CranioSacral fluid moving effectively again. I am always impressed by her incredible knowledge of the brain, bones, nerves, etc. I love learning the Anatomy & Physiology aspects of healing each time I go, in addition to the incredible healing that occurs. Highly recommend Jana and Moon Healing Arts!
Becky M.
Reiki Attunements Levels I and II Jana was recommended to me by my massage therapist and and I couldn't be happier! She was just lovely to work with—very knowledgeable, compassionate, and with the sweetest demeanor. You will love learning from her and spending the day getting to know more about energy healing.
Amy C.
Best Reiki Teacher!!! Jana was a true blessing! She taught Reiki with so much loving energy and patient guidance. I am forever grateful. Taking Reiki class with Jana was one of best investments I have made in my life time. Thank you, Jana!
Marilynn Biggers
Life changing instructor Attending Jana’s Reiki class helped me to see clearly in who I am and what I am capable of. She explains complex topics with grace and ease and I am thankful that God led me to her class. I also received profound healing during the class. I will definitely attend more of her classes and events.
Moon Healing Arts Jana was extremely professional. I had no experience with craniosacral therapy and found the experience very relaxing and pleasant and am optimistic it can help with my chronic discomfort. I will definitely return for more visits
Thank you Jana! Jana has been teaching my teenage daughter skills for grounding her energy and becoming more present to her experiences. These skills are having a tremendous impact - so much so that my daughter is no longer taking her ADHD medication. Jana has so much to offer!
Body, Mind, Spirit Jana's monthly CranioSacral Therapy sessions are so supportive to all aspects of my health. Her gentle touch is powerful, alleviating my obvious symptoms as well as significantly calming my overall stress - which makes a tremendous difference in my work life, relationships, etc. She creates a safe space where I can process body, mind, emotions, and spirit without judgment - I am so grateful for her work.
Amazing at what she does Wow.. what a gift Jana has. I tried reiki with Jana- and what a positive difference just one session has made.. Jana and her practice is a MUST
Dementia Jana's talents are amazing and so beneficial. She's very helpful and considerate and we appreciate everything she does for us. Highly recommend Jana Moon's healings.
Kris Layman
Great experience! Having never experienced Reiki I wasn’t sure what to expect..Jana is wonderful and Reiki is a pleasure!
Angel Reading It was a beautiful experience I really enjoyed it
compassionate Jana is truly a knowledgeable, compassionate practitioner. My sessions with her have given me such inner peace and helped me to heal.
Sarah Bell
Reiki Jana is awesome. She creates a comfortable atmosphere making it easy to relax. She is talented, I always feel like a weight has been lifted when I leave.
Amazing! Jana has an amazing gift for healing! I'd recommend her (and have) to anyone!
Monique Abrams
Amazing! I drive 50 minutes just to see Jana for CRT!!! She is so good at what she does. Thank you, Jana!
Continue improvements Janas office is filled with peace. Always walk out feeling much better
Jim Miller
Always A Delight It's always a delight to see Jana and receive her most effective and soothing CST treatments. I feel amazing following our sessions. Jana has a very soft touch and is uplifting and kind. My back and neck pain has diminished significantly since beginning CST treatments with Jana Moon...
amazing Most relaxing experience I've ever had !!
Beautiful I have seen Jana on multiple occasions and each time I come out feeling relieved. Jana is a beautiful human being that genuinely cares about her clients. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body both energetically and physically. Thank you Jana.
trust me... I've gone to Jana for years. She is professional, gifted and kind. When I came to my last appt I decided to be very detailed about some symptoms I was having...more detailed than usual. She was very concerned and took extra time to treat me using CS. I've had amazing relief in a hip joint that has bothered me for years. Give her the details and it will help her help you. Highly recommend Jana.
C-S Treatment I went to Jana seeking C-S treatment for Tinnitus. There is not a cure in allopathic medicine for this condition, nor have I found relief in pharmacology. The Tinnitus I experience manifests by a ringing tone; Jana’s C-S treatment has lowered the volume and has changed the tone. The treatment has not been permanent, but I’ve had days of no Tinnitus tone at all. Other days the tone has is at the level I’ve lived with for decades, so it’s a partial success I’m continuing with. Other aspects of the treatment have been wonderful, I have much less muscle tension, and have experienced a profound peacefulness. C-S treatment is a wonderful addition to my ongoing health quest.
aileen curtin
CST I had a visit last week with Jana. I scheduled the extra time and I am glad I did. Jana has a genuine healing presence and when you are with her, she is totally focused on the healing energy flowing and assisting your body in a loving and supportive manner. I felt calm, relaxed, and my neck and shoulder feel much better. If you have never tried CST you need to experience. It is a healing modality that is very gentle but produced powerful results. Jana is an experienced professional CST who will help you a lot. I highly recommend.
knoweledgable and skilled therapist! Jana has so much wisdom. I always leave with a greater sense of connection with my body. Jana is an excellent Craniosacral Therapist!
A Trusted Partner in Health Jana listens to the needs of her clients, and is someone I trust. She truly cares.
D Milano
Jana is fabulous!!! After a few treatments my back and hip pain are gone! Her ability to pinpoint the problem areas an unravel the problem is smazing. Great results from the first treatment. The results kept improving with each subsiquent visit. I am more than pleased.
Angel Reading What a lovely experience! Learned a lot and enjoyed the whole experience. Won't wait too long before doing it again!
Two Thumbs-Up Jana listens to her clients. She is skilled in several healing disciplines. I highly recommend her.
Jimmy M
Jana is Truly Phenomanal Truly phenomenal...! I highly recommend Moon Healing Arts! Jana at Moon Healing Arts is such a lovely and sensitive person, truly professional and focused on insuring you receive the best possible care. I first came to Moon Healing Arts with back and neck pain that was tremendously uncomfortable and limiting my mobility and range of motion. My pain and spasms were completely gone after my first treatment and with continued sessions I remain pain free. Thank you so much, Jana, for helping me find relief for my neck and back pain. I look forward to seeing you again very soon!
Wonderful therapist Jana's treatments are gentle yet powerful. She is so knowledgeable. I love how her treatments support my body's ability to heal.
many years pain free Jana and I have been on a health journey for a dozen or more years now. Her intuitive use of her knowledge and Reiki master powers have brought me through several muscle pulls and the loss of my older brother that brought an arthritis like pain to my hands and a walnut size knot in my foot. That was 7 years ago and I am still pain free. Thanks, Jana
Path to relief! I have had TMJ issues for years and Jana has opened a pathway to healing the pain. Dizziness, headaches, and jaw pain is so much better after 3 visits. Thank you, Jana!
Reading It was excellent
Reiki Session Jana is very skilled at what she does. There were certain areas of pain in my body which I did not discuss beforehand, but she was able to pinpoint them. I felt refreshed and lighter after the session, with some pain relief as well. Overall I am very pleased with the results and will return.
Victoria W.
Spectacular Healing with Moon Healing Arts Before my first initial appointment I was unsure of what to expect. I had had some basic knowledge of Reiki, but I had never seen a therapist before. After my first appointment I was relieved and excited to get started. Ever since then I look forward to discovering and understanding how my energy changes and moves, and how to be aware of myself and respond to my own needs. Jana is excellent. She lets me know if there is something to be addressed, she helps me when my chakras are out of balance, and she informs me about what I can do to help myself. Jana is very kind and personable, and she is a wonderful listener. She always answers questions that I might have. Her studio is clean, comfortable, calm, and welcoming. I deeply enjoy my sessions, and I always leave feeling relaxed and energized. Jana has a wonderful practice, and I hope she continues to spread the healing light!
Angel Intercession with Jana I recently had a angel intercession with Jana. I am so grateful for her skill and ability. There is no price tag I could place on connecting with an infinite higher power so clearly & practically. Jana is always a JOY to be around. I'm SO thankful her practice is near me. Thanks for all you do!
A+++ Jana has been wonderful for my son in performing craniosacral therapy!! What a difference... He looks forward to going every week and what a difference we see at home and school!! Jana is very professional and accommodating with schedule.
Renewal Each time I visit MHA I leave full of energy and relaxed at the same time. Any physical aches and pains disappear. I should go more often!
1st Time Reiki Session I had my first reiki session with Jana, and it was so relaxing! I actually felt like I had more energy to take on the day too. Jana is a sweet and gentle soul who knows her practice. Thank you so much!
Reiki session My first visit was initiated by a generous gift certificate. After a lovely hour spent relaxing and welcoming the healing energy, I've found myself feeling a sense of well-being and general good health. I will continue the reiki sessions and plan to schedule an angel reading, too! Yippee!
Sonya Gierling
Craniosacral at its Best! My young son suffered a birth injury, which also caused trauma for me as well. We have both been to atleast 5 craniosacral/fascia therapists over the last several years. Jana is by far the best. She listens to our bodies and respects our personal healing process. The results have been amazing. I'm incredibly thankful for her knowledge, skills, and her healing touch.
Rejuvinating As usual, I found the experience both relaxing and energizing. A great source of renewal.
Great experience I've never done reiki before. I loved the experience. Jana is very caring and professional.
Love it!!! I needed some stress free treatment... highly recomended
I Love Jana's services! After my 1st appt, I immediately went to the mirror and I was shining. Tension in my face was released and my eyes were wide and bright. My smile effortless and constant. I felt like a million bucks. This is truly the best self care service I have found to-date. Skip the salon or spa and go straight to Jana. She seems to work miracles but she is highly skilled, calm and I am confident in her abiities and our bodies' amazing capabilities.
Olena Hausner
massage/reiki Great therapist! Provided the right therapy for me.
Heidi Jedlick
Enjoy my visit 5 Stars Will come back my shoulders don't hurt anymore thank you
Carolyn Anders
Reiki specialist Jana has kept me painfree for the last dozen years. Her quiet strength always calms me.
Dr. R
Great Service & work Jana is a very gifted healer. A truly kind hearted woman who greatly cares about helping people get better. I have known her for many years and I'm so glad I can call her a great friend as well as a therapist who has also helped me and my patients.
Sue H.
Massage I had the pleasure of finally meeting Jana and receiving a wonderful massage. I've been meaning to get a massage from her for some time now as I have seen her office in Grapevine for years. She is a kind, intuitive and skilled therapist with a natural healing touch. I look forward to seeing her again to do some Craniosacral treatments.
Deep Tissue Massage This was a wonderful massage! Jana was very thorough and thoughtful about the right amount of pressure for each muscle area.
Someone Who Cares Jana listens to her clients, and truly cares about their health and well-being. I strongly recommend her.
Rejuvenating experience Jana is kind, gentle and brimming with warmth. I will definetly return.
1st timer This was my 1st experience with Reiki and I found out very relaxing even feel asleep a few times. Which was wonderful because I have not able to get any restful sleep a night. I left feeling better than when I reflex in and looking forward to my next session.
Jana was very helpful I strained my back at work and came to Jana to relieve the pain. Jana not only accomplished that, but she gave me an exercise and an essential oil to add to a bath to help relieve pain in the future. I look forward to my next visit...
Wonderful Jana's sessions are always wonderful! At my last session, I experienced a gentle release and a dramatic shift in energy. Thank you Jana once again for a great visit.
Cranio Sacral Therapy We have gone through five of the CS sessions. Jana is such a calm healer that you feel better after the first one and you keep improving. Al this is done by "listening" to what your body needs through Jana's healing touch.
Carolyn Ann
Painfree peace of mind Jana and I have been on a wellnew path together for about a dozen years now. She has a soft peaceful manner that always calms my spirit. Her use of cranial secal and reiki along with intuitive massage have helped me to be pain free now in my late 60's of age.
Michelle C.
Amazing! I just had the most beautiful session with Jana this past week! I have renewed energy, peace and a true sense of calm that I haven't had in a long while. I'm 3 months pregnant and Jana has been through quite a journey with me. Through infertility, fertility treatments and then pregnancy. She has been a true light and support system. She is absolutely amazing and has made the whole journey not only bearable but empowering. I can't recommend her enough!
Laura List
Great experience! A few years ago I had never had a reiki massage and decided to try it. Jana is an extremely gifted therapist and made the experience great. It was just what I needed each time I have been to see her. She has a very peaceful and calming presence that makes the experience phenomenal. I highly recommend Jana!
so glad we tried this! my daughter had sciatic nerve pain and received cranio sacral therapy from jana for it. the care she received was wonderful. the pain was lessened greatly after one visit, and that was two weeks ago. as of today, she is pain-free. I wouldn't hesitate to return with her if need be. Jana took her time and explained things so well. Very very happy a friend recommended this!
Peaceful Teen I want to thank you, Jana, for working with my daughter. She had such an amazing day yesterday. She got most of her homework done in school, received an “A” on an assignment/concept that she had struggled with earlier in the week, and came home and independently completed the rest of her homework (while no one was home to tell her to do it.) It was quite a change from the previous few weeks. And of course, the energy in our home shifted into a place of peace and calmness. And all of this in one session. Thank you for all you do.
Hip & Lower Back Jana treated a scar from hip replacement and some lower back issues. She is knowledgeable, attentive and efficient at locating the source and addressing it effectively. I would recommend her to anyone seeking relief.
Amazing!! Jana is an amazing therapist and teacher.I love learning and healing with her positive energy. She is dedicated to helping you help you...
Soothing reiki session I had the mini reiki session and it was very relaxing! I'll go back for another session in the near future.
Excellent! I've been seeing Jana for years. She always knows where my stress knots are and how to get them to release. I'm glad she's back to Saturday appointments, even if only limited to one or two Saturdays per month!
Lovely energy balancing treatment Before the Reiki treatment I felt my energy was unsettled. The session was lovely as always and just what I needed. I feel so much more grounded, calm, sleeping well, and at peace. Highly recommend a session with Jana to support your well-being.
It's real! I'm 13 y.o. & thought it might be just voodoo, but I felt it working! I'll continue for more therapy for my TMJ.
Moon Healing Arts is just what it is, it heals. When I arrived for my appointment I was very tired but upon leaving I really felt more energy and that's what one feels after visiting Moon Healing Hearts.
Positive Each ones experience is their own. Mine was truly what I needed for my journey. What I felt was Jana's energy putting mine in place. Your experience will be one for you. Enjoy ~V
Healing Reiki treatment was wonderful! I scheduled a Reiki treatment with Jana following the death of my father-in-law. The treatment helped me with my grief, helped to balance my energy, and supported my overall health and well-being. I highly recommend Jana!
Robrt Williams
Cranio-Sacral Very good; has helped tremendously. Look forward to the next one.
Wonderful Therapy I am an ER nurse and had been getting terrible headaches almost on a daily basis. I have had two sessions with Jana and I have not had a headache in two weeks! She is fabulous,caring and you are in a total state of relaxation around her. I have recommended her to patients as well as another healing source.
Jana is a wonderful healer Jana's style is so relaxing and nurturing. She intuitively knows what to work on. I value my time with her.
CST It has helped me tremendously. I don't know what I would do otherwise!
Madison Ligon
Jana is awesome!!! Everytime I go to visit Jana for a scheduled appointment I am never disappointed! I love going and it's always a brand new experience everytime. The fact that it always is constantly a new experience is one of the reasons why I keep going and why it never becomes boring or something I feel that I have to make myself go to. She is awesome! Definitely completely worth it.
Robert Williams
Excellent Massage The style of massage I requested was exactly what was received. An excellent physically and emotionally relaxing and healing experience. I WILL BE BACK
Madison Ligon
Moon Healing Arts Reviewb I absolutely love Jana and everything she has done for me so far!! I have only had one appointment and I can already feel the health benefits. She was patient with me and such a kind, understanding mentor. I cannot wait to go to my next appointment!! She rocks. I would definitely recommend coming to Jana if you need help meditating and finding your inner peace. Thank you so much for everything you have done it is much appreciated.
Natalia Gibson
Amazing place Jana is so great with what she does & I cannot express how much she has helped my sweet girl with her stuck sutures & skull issues from the first treatment. Thank you for healing her!!
Wonderful! Jana has brought peace and wellness into so many aspects of our family's life. She has helped us resolve emotional baggage as well as physical issues such as TMJ. Jana is knowledgable and caring. Every visit is a great experience.
A true healer I have been to Jana about 3 times so far for CST. She has an amazing gift in healing as well as a great spirit and is very knowledgeable. Peace and calming immediately take over my body when I'm in her care.
amazing experience and multiple modality skills Knee & Alzheimer's
First Appointment A lot of good information received on the consultation and first visit...mind and body a little resistant. Optimistic for the next visit.
Cassie G.
Healing hands Jana has a very healing demeanor and always puts me into a deep relaxation with her reiki and massage. I always leave feeling revitalized and renewed. She is a true healer.
Kurt DeKuehn
Therapy I've just completed my third CST and have found it very relaxing and zen like, I remain that way for many days afterwards. Gratitude
Wonderful Healing Energy I have just had a magnificent healing session with Jana. She has helped me so very much that I highly recommend her! She is the best!
Delivered excellent Reiki I found Jana's website and instantly felt like maybe I had found the right Reiki person for me. I was right. She's close to HEB, which is most helpful. Her room feels welcoming. The Reiki session was absolutely wonderful. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Highly recommend Jana. She has a wonderful personality!!
Susan Nelson
Feeling better I always feel better after a visit to Jana!!
Great session, very relaxing and empowering Love having REiki and massage sessions with Jana. It makes me feel relax and empower me. I alwais feel rested after her sessions. I recomend these session to anyone.
healing of the subtle body I've been having issues with my right shoulder»having the constant urge to crack and adjust my shoulder/spine. She put me into a theta brain state while laying hands. When the session ended, I felt so relaxed and I'm still winding down & I'm in a calm state ~enjoying my day. Blessings be to you Jana! I am definitely going back. 🌈
Rick Thompson
Moon Healing Arts 2-4-15 I have been a client of Jana Moon for over a year. I have had a great experience. I have never felt so relaxed as I do after a session with Jana. I have learned a lot from her and highly recommend Moon Healing Arts.
Joel Loyd
Excellent Massage Jana has helped with my recovery from a recent surgery. I always feel much better after visiting her, so I need to make an appointment more often.
Retha Hull
Self Care I recommend and appreciate the wonderful care and treatment that I receive from Moon Healing Arts owner Jana Moon. She has helped me feel better mentaling and physicaly. I am going to give my daughter a gift certificate for her birthday to go to Jana. Thats how much I like her treatments. Thanks Jana so much
Julie G.
peaceful Jana'a insight and knowledge have helped guide me toward serenity and inner wisdom. I am a better person because of Jana.
Aileen Curtin
Moon Healing Arts-Craniosacral Therapy I experienced a very healing experience for a neck and shoulder injury from Jana Moon at Moon Healing Arts. I found the craniosacral therapy deeply soothing and relaxing and felt much physical and emotional release after the session. I recommend this healing modality as it is surprising gentle but I could feel the release of tension on my neck and shoulder while my body was able to relax. I was very impressed with the setting and the experience and plan to get more sessions. Thank you Jana for your healing and loving energy. It was so worth it.
Reiki Jana is truly gifted, I had not seen her for 3 months and after an hour of reiki, I felt amazing.i will not wait so lng between sessions again.
Michelle C.
Mracle! I've been a customer of Jana's for a few years now and can truly say she is amazing! I am 9 months pregnant,my baby was diagnosed with nuchal cord meaning he had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice! I was beyond stressed and scared for what complications that can mean. After asking my dr what the chances of him unraveling himself were, she said slim to none since one of them was completely around his neck. Since I have so much faith in Jana's work I decided to go in for an appt and see what she could do. Well I am glad to say I just went to my obgyn office today and the baby has completely unraveled knots whatsoever. Even the sonogram tech was in shock. She came by to show me the previous pictures taken where the cord was wrapped around his neck just so I could see what happened. Jana granted me peace of mind and enabled a true miracle. Now I can relax and look forward to a complication free natural birth as I originally intended. She is a true healer and amazing humam being. Recommend her all the way!
Beth McLeod
Wonderful Sessions I have had the pleasure of enjoying CST sessions with Jana for several months now. It is incredible how sensitive she is, how understanding, and how kind. I love the way she does CST. It has been incredibly helpful to me, and I recommend her healing arts to all.
well worth the drive Moon Healing Arts is worth the effort to drive to grapevine
Britt Piburn
CranioSacral Therapy AMAZING .. I have been so energy blocked for sometime . I just couldn't seem to focus and was drained . Jana is wonderful she literally is magic and is bringing back balance to my world. Thank you thank you thanks you .
Sebastian G
I'll keep visiting Jana I felt really comfortable during my first Reiki session with her and I'm looking forward to my next one. I'd definitely recommend her to my friends.
Liz Parriette
Reiki Session My Reiki session was amazing. I cant wait to go back and see Jana. I have felt so much better since my session! Thank you Jana
Amazing!!! I've been seeing Jana for a few years now. I have suffered from on and off anxiety and panic attacks and she has been a life saver!It is so freeing to know that relief is an appt away! No medication needed. One Cst treatment and I feel 100% better. She is truly gifted and amazing person.I am currently pregnant and with all the hormonal changes and occasional stress it entails she has kept me balanced and at peace. Even the baby seems at ease after a treatment with Jana. She is truly the best!
Sarah Nelson
Fantastic experience! My first experience with Jana was the cranial sacral therapy and the benefits were really great. I felt and slept better and noticed improvement with headaches and TMJ issues. Jana is very easy to talk to and very knowledgable. I look forward to my next session!
Cranial sacral Wonderful experience in my hour session with Jana's cranial sacral technique and her compassion unwinding my energetic web of stress. I do keep coming back.
Leslie S.
Why You Should Try Moon Healing Arts If you are looking for peace, harmony, and balance, this is the place for you. Jana is awesome.
Kennard Britton
Superb Therapist Jana has been my therapist for over ten years. Her caring, insightful approach has helped me immensely.
G. Mc.
Awesome! Jana is well versed in all workings of the body.Not only doestimates she give a great relaxing (and healing) massage, but advice and tips to improve your overall well being.
Arlene Anderson
Great Experience Jana has worked with my daughter who suffers from acute persistent asthma and the benefits to her health have been priceless.
Eugene Pridgen
Craniosacral therapy My visit was a pleasant and relaxing one, and looking forward to renewed health. Taking a new approach to relieving the stress and pain that I experience in my cervical spine. WIll be continuing to seek care from Ms Jana Moon. Thank You.
Meredith Lassiter
Excellent! When we came to Jana, our chiropractor had recommended some cranial sacral therapy for our 2yr old. After two appointments, we began to see a difference! We love Jana, our children have felt very comfortable with her and her soothing, gentle spirit.
Moon Healing Arts I have been seeing Jana weekly for more than a year. It is an amazing experience, I leave completely relaxed with a clear mind. She has helped with physical and mental issues bothering me. I highly recommend Moon Healing Arts.
Professional, Caring Service I have been seeing Jana on a regular basis for over 6 years. She is very good at what she does, and continues to enhance her skills. She also cares about her clients, and is truly interested in improving their well being. I strongly recommend her for your healing needs.
Judy DeKuehn
Receiving Attunments for Reiki Master Jana did an amazing job of sharing the gift of Reiki knowledge with me. I loved the time I spent in her company, learning more about the gift of Reiki and I look forward to sharing what I learned as opportunities present themselves. Her mentoring has made it possible to continue to ministry of Reiki to those who are hurting, and I am grateful to her for her ability to share and teach in such a simple, heartfelt way. If you are looking for someone to lead you to the next step in healing arts, look no further.
Bruce Levinson
Fantastic massage My lower back feels much better and I am much more relaxed overall.
An gentle healing experience w reiki master, Jana Having recently lost my beloved husband of 30 years, my first session with Jana was amazing. I felt a calmness and serenity I had not experienced during the past man months of care taking and loss. I will be returning for many more sessions - she is truly gifted and very compassionate and highly intuitive to your emotions.
My Experience I was very impressed with Jana. She seems quite knowledgeable and capable. She was friendly, gentle, kind, non-judgmental, professional. As far as the procedure itself, I wasn't sure what to expect. It was not painful in the least and seemed to be very effective. At this first session, an energy cyst was eliminated, and other trouble spots were identified. I drank large quantities of water afterwards, as I had been admonished to do so. And I slept like a baby last night! I would highly recommend this kind of therapy, and Jana in particular, for any type of healing.
Amazing therapy Jana has a very comfortable room. It is easy to relax and she is very good with her craft. It always amazes me what she is able to accomplish in one short hour! I love feeling great when I leave.
Awesome! I have chronic back pain often combined with a stiff neck and a hip that is out of place. Jana helped with all these issues in a professional and pleasant manner. I will be seeing her again when the need arises. Thank you Jana Moon!
5 starts all the way! Ive been a customer if Jana's for 2 years now. I've struggled with recurrent miscarriages and after many fertility treatments and hormone therapy was left with fluctuating hormomes, panic attacks and anxiety. Just one treatment with Jana and I feel like myself again and haven't had a horrible panic attack again. She is a truly gifted healer. As someone who has suffered with on and off anxiety I highly recommend trying sacral therapy to those who suffer from this. No medication needed just genuine healing.
Carolyn Ann Anders
whole wellness I came to Jana close to ten years ago as I was looking in the DFW area for a Reiko practitioner who also did massage. I have been so happy I buy the year package so I can go whenever I need to. She has worked on a shoulder pain, hands with arthritic pain and lots of stored emotions. She is one of a kind at what she does. We are so lucky to have her here in northeast Tarrant county.
Leslie G.
Excellent Prenatal Massage Jana gives amazing prenatal massages. I was relaxed so much that I went into labor that very night :)
Excellent Jana has helped with my dental work and balancing issues. Recommend highly. Location and parking are easy.
Mary Umbrewicz
Jana Is Helping Me Heal Myself Jana gives compassionate and caring and massages. She works as a sole practitioner and a big asset to the Grapevine healing arts community. Jana was the first stop on my journey to heal myself (and my family). Turns out that she has been a friend who listens and can give you helpful suggestions towards other modalities to try towards your health. She practices her own health by design, and knows how hard and confusing designing your own health can be. I love Jana!
First time Reiki client Jana did a mix of Reiki with massage for me. It was my first time experiencing Reiki. I must say, it was more powerful than I expected, as I am not usually very sensitive to energy healing. I was able to sense the energy flowing through me during the treatment, and it felt strange, but very healing. The massage was gentle yet effective. I felt that the whole experience was helpful both physically and mentally. I plan to go back for regular treatments. I highly recommend Jana. She is the real deal!
Excellent help We are pleased with the sacral cranial therapy it has helped make Me feel better!
Jane h
How to relax 101 whenever I go see Jana, I feel like I've had a spa day. My favorite person to get a massage from. I always recommend her when people ask where I get massages.
Seth Bouquet
Five star Quality. THe most thorough massage leaving me feeling renewed. When I go to a massage therapist I want to leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and like all of my muscle groups have been pampered. I think we all need this in the fast paced, busy world we live in. I have been to several others in places like Massage Envy and other spa’s. I would always leave feeling either bruised and battered or like someone had barely touched me as if only to put on a bit of lotion and ask for my money never feeling totally refreshed. I would always feel like something was missed and I tried communicating this but could never get the quality I deserved. I left that scene to go back to someone who really has a grasp of what massage therapy is about. After not going to Jana in over five years due to relocation I came back to find that same quality and asked myself why I ever left. Definitely worth the price. If you want a thorough massage with someone who truly cares and makes it their mission to help in your healing process then this is the place. I always leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and like I have been given a thorough massage. Give it a shot and I promise you will see the difference.
Robin L
Great Job Jana is soothing, calming, and relaxing. A true talent. She was very pleasant to be around. She has been in the business a long time and is experienced. I plan on returning to her for more treatment.
Michael S
Exceptional therapist Jana is an exceptional therapist. Her background and ongoing training in different natural-healing related disciplines gives her unique abilities to address/correct soft tissue injuries-even ones that may be decades old in the making.
Carol O
A Feeling of Floating! Thank you Jana for the new experience of cranial massage - it was enlightening. I also appreciate all the great information you gave to my niece about her sports injuries and how to respond to them. Overall, it was relaxing and rejuvenating. Best wishes, Carol
Improved health I've been going to Jana for CST for almost 7 years. The therapy has decreased my headaches and neck pain. Jana is a true professional.
Nancy S
Massage I enjoyed my massage. It made me feel good.
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91 verified customer reviews.

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    I had been to Jana before and wanted to take advantage of a "monthly special". As always, I received the quality care I have come to expect. For massage therapy or other energy healing I feel very comfortable recommending Jana and Moon Healing Arts.

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91 verified customer reviews.

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These reviews are from verified customers of this business.

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    I had been to Jana before and wanted to take advantage of a "monthly special". As always, I received the quality care I have come to expect. For massage therapy or other energy healing I feel very comfortable recommending Jana and Moon Healing Arts.

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    Warm hands soft heart

    Jana has an instinct for healing that goes beyond the ability to use Reiki and other types of energy work. To be in her care has been a gift for almost 8 years now. I go home each time light and airy, wondering how lucky I am to have found her.

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Jana is the best

Jana intuitively zeros in on the exact location and cause of an issue. Her work is very calming and loving. She is by far the best in the area.

New Review 4


Great results

My back, legs and neck hurt from working a round of summer trade shows. Jana was able to improve the pain by 70% with just one treatment!! She is the best!!

New Review 5


Wonderful Experience!

I have been having a lot of pregnancy related back pain and Jana was able to release my muscles so I walked out feeling relaxed and pain free!

New Review 6


Happy neck

Very professional. Comforting environment. Excellent work on my neck. Feeling great today! Definitely going back :)

New Review 7


Just what I needed and more...

Jana is an amazing healer and I am very thankful that my good friend connected us. I benefited from Jana's therapeutic touch, massage and Reiki - all in one session and I am very thankful and blessed that she follows her path.

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Jana is truly a pleasant person and committed to her profession. Everything about Moon Healing Arts revolves around the patron.

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One hour with Jana Moon relaxes all tension and stress. Overall experience was wonderful, soothing. I wholeheartedly recommend her services and plan to make another visit soon.

New Review 10


Relief from pain

I had tried everything to relieve daily pain I've felt for over a year now. I tried the medical field with so many appointments and xrays, etc. But CSR has been the most beneficial treatment for me and has given me some relief, finally. I don't think of CSR as a "technical" treatment, it requires a soulful desire to help others and to connect with a healing spirit. I have found healing on many levels through Moon Healing Arts.

New Review 11


If you need to hit the reset button....

If you need help figuring out where it is you are storing the stress of everyday life or even worse, Moon Healing Arts is where you should go. She has a gift that she is willing to share with so many. She is what I need when nothing else will works. I feel relaxed and refreshed every time I leave one of her sessions.

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Very gifted healer! I always feel amazing during and after our sessions. Excited to see you expand your offerings!

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awesome work

Jana is a very gifted healer. Has great insight to the human body and how it moves. Highly encourage anyone who is having challenges with their body to give her a try.

New Review 14


So Relaxing

I had cranial sacral therapy for the first time and felt such relaxation. The tight spots in my shoulder and back began to ease up immediately.

New Review 15


Very Good Experience

I have been experiencing some tightness in my lower back which was largely resolved. I have been going to Jana for years and couldn't recommend her more highly.

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I travel for my job and am always a little worried when trying a new body worker in a new town. I found Moon Healing Arts on Yelp, which took me to her website. After reading the good reviews, I decided to give it a try. Jana is just fantastic!!! Her workspace is calm and clean, and her treatment was excellent and just what I needed. I will definitely come back again! Thank you!!!

New Review 17


CST works!

After seeing doctors off and on for 16 years with no results for my lower back and hip pain... I had my first cst visit last night. I am already feeling better! I'll need a few more visits, but it's totally worth it! Jana provides a warm, soothing environment and truly has a gift. I'm so thankful I found her! I look forward to our next session...:)

New Review 18


Wow, thank you, what a relief

My daughter saw Jana for 12 sessions for Cranial Sacral Therapy as suggested by her orthodontist. It took several sessions, but I knew ahead of time that it might due to mult. issues Jana had to work on to realign things. My daughter's whole disposition has significantly improved as well as her posture, jaw, and how her head/body feels. We can't thank Jana enough. She has an incredible amount of patience and answered all my daughters questions as they went along...which was many.

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Beautiful Session!

Jana is so beautifully gifted in connecting me to my angels! My session was so enlightening, and it was filled with love and light! I left her office elated! Jana is truly a beautiful beacon of light.

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I needed an attitude adjustment

I work in customer service and was having a terrible time. I was frustrated with customers and co-workers. I went to see Jana and using the Arching Light Therapy, it felt as though my reset button had been pushed. It was amazing. I am grateful for Jana and the energy therapies she offers.

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Pranamaya kosha

My neck pain was released with one session. I will be going back in the near future. Jana opened the 5 seats of prana in my body and I felt the flow of life force throughout my whole body. A much needed beginning. Angels are among us. Wish I could go see Jana again tomorrow. I just felt wonderful when I left.

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Would Recommend

Jana was great, a true professional. She absolutely knows what she is doing and I left feeling great....I will be going back...

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great, would recommend Jana

Jana was very calm and knowledgeable. She treated my daughter and explained everything she was going to do and did do so my daughter stayed calm. Time and a few more appts will tell the total outcome. My daughter said her head felt better after the appt. Very warm, inviting office.

New Review 24


Angel Reading

Was a beautiful experience. Immediately felt at ease with Jana. Will definitely come back again next month for another visit with my angels through her.

New Review 25


Ongoing satisfaction

Have been going to Jana for years. I find each session to be both healing and centering. A great monthly chance for renewal.

New Review 26


Referred to

My hairdresser recommended Jana. Past traumas unhealed have caught up with me. My need to be strong and down play my own needs has caught up with me. My first visit with Jana and I just let go and put myself in her hands giving up any expectations. She said I'd sleep better and sure enough I did. Decreased tossing and turning and getting up. Woke up feeling refreshed. So far so good! :)

New Review 27


On a Journey

We have been on a path together for 7 years toward my emotional and bodily health. I have taken her Reiki class and encouraged her to teach Arching Light once she learned it. I have moved through the loss of my brother which centered itself in my hands, especially my right one, with her skilled help. Jana spreads a quieting peace where ever she goes and in all she does.I have recommend her to many of my friends.

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Professional, Therapeutic, and Relaxing

I have been seeing Jana for several years, and she is very good at working on pressure points and applying just the right touch. However, her practice covers more than massage therapy, and she is constantly exploring and learning more about helping people with their needs. She is sincere about her practice, which means a lot these days. So I give her a big thumbs up.

New Review 29


Tension relief

This was a very helpful therapy experience and have booked a return session to continue the "repair" to my bodyl.

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Didn't know what to expect, but I felt wonderful after my therapy. Thank you so much! It was just great.

New Review 31


Great Session

I had Jana do an overall balancing session. She found several areas that needed particular attention. I could feel heat and energy from her was very calming. After one session I'm feeling more relaxed and in a better mood. I will continue using Jana to help keep my body in balance.

New Review 32


Jana is wonderful

Cranio Sacral Therapy session was wonderful and healing. I had back surgery 8 months ago and still had pain in my right leg when I slept on my side. After one session with Jana I was able to sleep on my side that night with no pain! Jana was awsome and her space is so beautiful and relaxing. I am counting the days until my next session. I have even made an appointment for my husband next week.

New Review 33


Very peaceful and healing!

Wonderful experience. First time Reiki session and Jana was so peaceful and calming. I left feeling like I had received the best massage ever! Can't wait to go back.

New Review 34


Very peaceful and healing!

Wonderful experience. First time Reiki session and Jana was so peaceful and calming. I left feeling like I had received the best massage ever! Can't wait to go back.

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Not only was the atmosphere perfectly inviting, so was Jana. I felt a great energy the moment I pulled into the driveway. I had a reiki session and left feeling better than i had in years. Moon healing arts is my new favorite place.

New Review 36


Wonderful Healing Energy

This week I had an appointment with Jana to experience Arcing Light for one hour. It was very relaxing and healing. I can see how it has shifted my energy into a more positive space and I plan to return for the Meet ups and perhaps take a class in June. Thanks.

New Review 37


Wonderfully relaxing!

Jana knew exactly what I needed. Feeling so much better, and learned what I needed to go forward in a more positive way. Thank you!

New Review 38


Gifted Hands, Gifted Heart

Jana is a truly gifted healer with a very kind, gentle spirit. My experience was truly wonderful! Thank you!

New Review 39


Awesome Experience

I enjoyed my Reiki treatment. She is wonderful. I will be going back again and I highly recommend her

New Review 40


Exactly as advertised

I had an enjoyable experience and recommend her to anyone.There were no surprises and I was treated with respect. She is kind and profession. Her training is impeccable. I had CST done.

New Review 41


Totally Renewing!!!!

I have NEVER felt so ALIVE and at Peace all over when leaving a massage!! One of a kind treatment!! I will NEVER go Anywhere else!! Everybody should try this place.. You won't regret it!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!

New Review 42



My 9 year old daughter had the best massage she has ever had in her life. She suffers from acute persistent asthma and cronic cough and she felt wonderful after her massage. It was The best she has felt in six weeks of struggling with asthma attacks.

New Review 43



It was an amazing experience. Very relaxing and afterwards you feel like new and able to tackle the world. Absolutely refreshing! Amazing amazing amazing!

New Review 44


Absolutely Wonderful.

I love Jana Moon. She is the most serene, soothing, healing human begins that I have ever met. I went in for crainiosacral therapy, not knowing what to expect. And the treatment really blew me away! I highly recommend it. I have never felt more alive! Thank you Jana!

New Review 45


I've never had a healing before

What I liked the most about my time here was that the energy simply made me feel better. I felt as if I had climbed to a higher level and things simply seem easier now. I seem less bothered by things and more able to stay in my power. I particularly liked the energy that was placed under my shoulder blades. That was the best thing I've ever felt before.

New Review 46


Surprise Healing

I very much enjoyed the CS therapy I received. I went in feeling no pain but rather searching any subtle healing that may come up. Well, it sure did! I found Jana's work at the base of my neck was stirring up stuff in my lower back and hip. At the end I could barely get off the table! It loosened very quickly and I have not had any pain subsequent, but wow, what a surprise that was! i'll definitely be going back for more!

New Review 47


Craniosacral therapy

I was extremely pleased with my craniosacral session with Jana Moon. She has incredibly healing hands! I will not hesitate to schedule another session with her.

New Review 48


Highly Recommend her services!

I went to Moon Healing Arts suffering from anxiety and stress. She performed energy healing and craniosacral therapy.I instantly felt all the tension and anxiety melt away. It was a beautiful experience! She is so knowledgeable and so kind. I'm definetly going back for her services and reccomending this place to friends and family.

New Review 49



It was a pleasure to meet Jana.This was my first appointment and it was a great experience. The environment was warm and welcoming and I will recommend her to family and friends.

New Review 50


I thouroughly enjoyed the healing experince.

I am new to Reiki. I do wish that there was more of an explanation as to the healing that is being done. What does the Reiki practitioner do and what should i be doing as the client. I relaxed and invited the healing. But wondered if there was asomething that I needed to be doing .

New Review 51


Cranialsacral Therapy

Jana is awesome! Very easy to talk with and wonderful at her work. I visited Jana for treatment of pain in my sacrum and for seizure-like activity which causes me to have speech arrest. Jana performed cranialsacral therapy to re-align my sacrum and release the cranial bones. My sacrum felt much better afterwards. I will definitely return for additional sessions.

New Review 52


Arcing Light, Cranialsacral Therapy

I had signed up for the "not sure what I need" service with Jana online. After arriving and meeting Jana, she immediately got down to business and began asking questions to assess what would be the best therapy for me. Together, we both decided on arcing light and cranialsacral therapy-a little bit of both. I have to say that I felt a freeing of energy in my body on the areas she focused on. Jana took her time and genuinely cared. Highly recommended.

New Review 53


Amazing Massage!

Danielle gave me an incredible massage. I have been struggling with neck and back pain and she was able to relax my muscles which is always quite a feat! She had the perfect touch and I felt wonderful when I left her office.

New Review 54


A Professional Touch

Jana has been my healing therapist for over 5 years. She listens, has a sincere interest in my well being, and also has a keen interest in honing her skills in order to better help others. Highly recommended.

New Review 55



Danielle was very thorough addressing my complaint of strained gastrocs. My right leg is healing much faster as a results. I really enjoyed my full body, very relaxing massage. Will do it again.

New Review 56


Bright Light in Grapevine

LOVE the Tesla lights and Jana's warm energy! The space has a wonderful vibe and I really connected with Jana. I live in Dallas, but will gladly be making the drive again to come back.

New Review 57


So glad I finally stopped in

I've been driving by Moon Healing Arts for years, even before they moved to this location, thinking I wanted to visit someday. I'm glad I did. Jana was soothing and welcoming, and the experience was very positive. I'm looking forward to trying other services very soon.

New Review 58


Nice Experience

I have a good experience with my craniosacral therapy, first i dont beleve it and when i have my session it was great. I visualize many things that my mind show me really i like it was amazing

New Review 59


lovely experience

I went to Moon Healing Arts the other day for CranioSacral therapy. I had no idea what to expect. When I walked in, I immediately thought it would be lovely - the atmosphere is so calm and the space is open and fresh feeling. Jana worked on me for a little over an hour, explaining things when necessary, but also was calming and quiet when needed. I will definitely be back!

New Review 60


On the road to recovery

I have a heart condition and stress with the current condition of our economy. I had a block and a heaviness in and around my heart and an inability to visualize anything. Jana provided Crainialsacral therapy and her healing hands, after 5 minutes, I saw my 3rd eye again and energy flowing. I was still blocked and had a great deal of blood in my head. I followed the therapy with a visit to the Tesla Lights room and I feel 1000 times better than before. I will be back. LS

New Review 61


Thank you so much Jana.

I went in for my third arching light treatment with a horrible migraine. As soon as I walked in Jana could tell something was wrong. She never hesitated to help me with an essential oil and some extra time for a special pillow just for my migraine. She helped knock it out. Thank you so much once again Jana.

New Review 62


Best massage ever! Thanks Dannielle!!

What a nice, serene place for a massage - my first thought walking in - and it only got better from there. I'll be back for sure! I can't wait to try the light therapy next time too..

New Review 63


Every treatment is just that, a treat!

Jana and the Tesla lights are putting my very wounded and energy depleted cells back in alignment. I have such inner peace and sense of well-being after each treatment. I look forward to each visit.

New Review 64


Thank you so much!

I have never had arching light therapy before, only reiki. I have found it to be an amazing experience. Each time it continues get better. I look forward to each visit. Thank you Jana for the relaxing beautiful atmosphere you offer through your manner and with Moon Healing Arts.

New Review 65


Thoroughly loved it

I had not had energy therapy for almost two years, since moving to Texas. Jana is a very powerful healer. I was wonderfully relaxed and more balanced after visiting with her. Can't wait to go back!

New Review 66


Wonderful Experience

I have had both Arching Light and Reiki treatments done by Jana Moon. She is very skilled and wonderful at working with energy to help you get balanced. She is very open to any questions that you might have. I was nervous at first as this is all very new to me but she put my mind at ease. I will be going to Moon Healing Arts for my energy treatments.

New Review 67


Must Try!

My whol;e experience at Moon Healing has been great- from the rep I met at the Grapevine Wellness Show to the staff at the clinic. I am continuing with the Tesla lights.

New Review 68


Peaceful Healing Space

I 'm so happy to have found Jana Moon and her delightful Moon Healing Arts center. It is a beautiful space filled with grounded healing energies. During my CST session, I knew I was in the hands of a skilled, sensitive therapist and during our conversations felt that I had met a kindred spirit.

New Review 69


Centered and Engaged

I find I come away from my craniosacral therapy sessions cenered and full of energy. I feel more relaxed and calm than from a full night's sleep. And I have to add that I find my conversations with Jana during the sessions wonderful food for thought.